Games And Sports Achievements

Our Achievements (2018-2019)

  •   Kho-Kho (boys U-19) – Winner at Regional Level

  •   Kho-Kho (boys U-14) –Winner at Regional Level  (Whole Team select for 49th National Sports Meet)

  •   Kho-Kho (girls U-14) – 2nd Position at Regional Level

  •   Skating (boys U-14) –1.Silver Medal 2. Bronze Medal

  •   Handball (boys U-19) –3rd Position at Regional level

[22 Students Participate for National Level]

48th KVS National Sports Meet 2017-18 :

  •   Kho-Kho (Boys U-14)- Bronze Medal

  •   Kho-Kho (GirlsU-14)- Bronze Medal (Whole team of K.V. ITBP KARERA)

[* 30 Students Participated at National Level]

[* 5 Students Selected for S.G.F.I.]

Sport and Game I/C: Mr. Dharmesh Chaurasia, TGT (Phy. &H. Edu.)